Single Preserved Everlasting Rose in a Box


A single preserved rose comes in beautiful personalised box will make perfect gift for any occasion, from bridal party, birthdays, to anniversaries, weddings..

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Size of the roses: apprx 6.5 to 7cm
Size of box: 6.5cm dia and 8cm height

***Please leave your custom text in the personalisation sectionPreserved flowers are made of real flowers and soft touch as real. They can last 1 year at least ,more several years if kept in suitable keeping ways. They don’t need water and sunshine.

How to keep Preserved Flowers Beautiful Longer?
1. If it is covered in dust, clean it with the cold wind
2. Do not put it in the outdoor
3.Do not put it in the sunny places or strong winds
4.It can not be watered and touched
5.Humidity 40%-70% temperature

Rose Colour

Red, Pink, White, Taro Purple, Light Blue

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