A2 Milk Powder Skim 1kg


All of the natural deliciousness and particular advantages of a2 Skim Milk powder have been preserved by the spray drying technology. It contains a lot of calcium and is packaged in an airtight resealable pouch to keep it fresh. It offers all of the advantages of a2 MilkTM Full Cream Milk Powder, but without the fat. 1kg bag contains the equivalent of 10 litres of skim milk.

a2 Milk™ Skim milk powder

a2 Milk™ Skim milk powder has been spray dried to preserve all the natural goodness and special benefits of a2 Milk™. It is high in Calcium and comes in an airtight resealable pouch to maintain its freshness. It has all the benefits of a2 Milk™ Full cream milk powder without fat.

Available in 1kg pack – Equivalent of 10 Litres of skim milk.



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